• Hearing Aid

    TOSHIBA Hearing Aid:

    • High quality and reliability .
    • Safe power and reliable.
    • Dual Pack (6 pcs)
  • Alpha Power

    TOSHIBA Batteries | Alpha Power Batteries

    TOSHIBA Alpha Power batteries:

    • High quality and long lifetime (Expiry date 10 years)
    • Constitute the "digital Alkaline" version
    • Refreshed powerful design
    • Available in PET Carton blister | AA or AAA size
  • Rechargeable Batteries

    TOSHIBA Rechargeable batteries (Ni-Mh)

    • Pre-charged and ready to use.
    • Strong performance and long life circle (up to 1.500 cycles).
    • Low self-discharge rate.
    • High capacity and reliability.
    • Optimum charging time with high quality charger.
  • Alkaline A23

    TOSHIBA Batteries

    TOSHIBA Alkaline A23:

    • High quality and reliability .
    • Safe power and reliable.
    • Available in PET Carton blister
  • Alkaline Blue Line

    TOSHIBA Batteries | Blue Line Batteries

    TOSHIBA Alkaline Blue Line batteries:

    • High quality and long lifetime
    • Safe, powerful and reliable
    • Available in:
    1. Shrink & PET Carton blister (D, C, AA, AAA & 9V size)
    2. Shrink Multi Packs (packs of 12, 18, 20 or 40 batteries | AA or AAA size)
    3. Promo Packs in PET Carton blister (4+2, 4+4, 6+4 | AA or AAA size)



  • Super Heavy Duty

    TOSHIBA Batteries | Super Heavy Duty Batteries

    TOSHIBA Super Heavy Duty batteries:

    • High quality and relability
    • Without mercury pr cadmium
    • Are developed by superior materials and new manufacturing processes
    • Have high output, outstanging discharge characteristics and long shelf- life
    • Available in Shrink and PET Carton Blister | D, C, AA, AAA and 9V size
  • Heavy Duty

    TOSHIBA Batteries | Heavy Duty Batteries

    TOSHIBA Heavy Duty batteries:

    • Have a unique sealing structure which assures excellent shelf life and resistance to leakage over a long period of time.
    • Have no mercury or cadmium.
    • Are ideal for flashlights, radio cassette recorders and clocks.
  • Lithium Coin

    TOSHIBA Batteries | Lithium Coin Batteries

    TOSHIBA Lithium Coin batteries:

    • Double nominal voltage (3V) in comparison to the other battery chemistries.
    • Excellent performance even at extreme temperature
    • Available in PET Carton blister